February 2010: An Insomniac's Lullaby

N.B. Due to faded colour effect on photos, the colour of most clothing have been dulled. Please check descriptions below.

1.     1. One teaspoon cobalt blue (not light blue)
 strawberry jumper with thumbholes, low v neck cut, very worn but in good condition, i absolutely loved this! - size small 

 2.  Teal long sleeved sweater with gold Victorian style buttons (n.b. worn tucked in, in photograph. tucked out it reaches the hip) very warm - size 8 

3. Agent ninetynine black thermal long sleeved top with tiny front buttons (n.b. worn half buttoned down and tucked in)- size medium 

     4.    Don't ask amanda velvet bright red jumper, warm with side pockets- size large, but small make 

5.  Vintage chunky mustard brown pullover knit with design on front and back (n.b. long enough to be worn as dress over tights), extra warm- one size fits most 

6 Don’t Ask Amanda oversized green top with pleat and arm detail, unusual colour, low scoop neck (n.b. worn high waisted but can be worn with opaque tights or pants) - no size but due to oversized nature can fit from 8- 12  

   7.   Miss Shop grey knee length geometric dress, great condition- size 12 but fitted.
1. 8. Volcom light brown, pink and blue dress with inbuilt rope belt to tighten waist (n.b worn fully buttoned up) - size 8 
9.    Vintage floral high waisted harem pants. (n.b. can be worn as baggy shorts)- no size but will fit 6/8 waist (even 10 because of it’s stretched waist)- 

Thank you for shopping with us and hope to get those emails again!
love Friperie- The Thrift Shop Sydney

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